Archibald Liversidge was born in London in 1846. After becoming an associate (1867) at the Royal School of Mines and the Royal College of Chemistry, he matriculated Cambridge in 1870. In 1872, Liversidge came to Australia as Reader in Geology and Assistant in the Laboratory at the University of Sydney. In 1874 he was appointed Professor of Geology and Mineralogy and in 1882 became Professor of Mineralogy and Chemistry. Liversidge was appointed first Dean of Science at the University of Sydney (1882-1907) and was a Fellow of the Senate (1879-1904). He later became an Emeritus Professor of the University. Liversidge was Honorary Secretary of the Royal Society of New South Wales (1874-1884) and was a founder of ANZAAS (1888). Liversidge died in 1927 and bequeathed funds to support lectures in Chemistry at the University of Sydney.